The Longing for Big Love

It’s okay to long for Big Love, dear.

To feel that trembling longing in your belly
that lets you know, from deep inside, that this is something real
this Big Love is something that exists and it’s there,
for you,

To feel that overwhelming sadness in your chest
that heart-shattering contraction
of feeling that it’s out of reach
just the tiniest bit.

To feel that confusion in your head
Are you ready?
Is this the moment?
Is there something wrong in my relationship/s?

Then remember:

Confusion is part of Big Love
as it invites you
to look deeper
into your wounds,
your readiness to fully step up for what it is that you want,
to not accept,
any manipulation, pushing, unwillingness.

Overwhelm is part of Big Love
as knowing what fully being loved means
you also know separation
moments when Big Love is hidden away
beyond fear and doubt.

Longing is part of Big Love
as it reminds you time and again
to do the radical act
of opening up again
and again.

You might not feel ready
You might never feel
You might hear your own judgments
down-talking beliefs

And the desire for Big Love can still be there
at the same time

Telling you
there’s something you long for
that your heart is calling for
Big Love


Art by Alphachanneling











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