Does this process of personal growth make my life easier?

So, does this life of investing in personal growth, facing fears, embracing all emotions, letting go of insecurities and things in general and all of that make me a happier person?


Not in the general accepted sense of the word.

Does it make my life easier then?


Lots of people define the quality of their life by the amount of happines and joy they perceive. But that would be accepting only part of the spectrum. You want something, but you actually only want half of it. It’s like wanting to go on holiday and only accepting the days that the sun shines, and cursing when it rains. It’s like wanting pizza and cursing the crust.

All the processes I’ve moved through made my life more intense. Everything included. Both the bliss, the joy, the sadness and the grief.

And knowing myself on a deeper level doesn’t make it by definition easier dealing with myself and those emotions and insecurities (thinking there would ever come a time I’m ‘passed these things’ is an illusion in many ways, I discovered), as it’s easy to add a layer (or multiple) of self judgment.

Then again, learning to look at that circus with a smile on my face, telling myself and all my inner children I’m so cute changed my reality massively – again.

So, am I ‘happier’ or is my life ‘easier’ than, let’s say, a decade ago?


Is it more rich, fulfilling, intense and worth all of it?

Hell, yes.

Personal Growth

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