Prayer to the Younger One

By the time you find love, you may have grown old and grey, and you might look back at your life, wanting you realized so much earlier, when your hair was still bright with color, that the quests for love that you’ve undertaken were fruitless from the beginning.

You might wish you could regain all the time, frustration, sorrow and resources you spent on finding love, for now you now it was all wasted.

You might wish you wouldn’t have pushed so hard, ran so fast, or believed that there would always be something ‘better’. Better than what?

You might wish you’ve had a different life. Breathing a bit more deeply. Enjoying a bit more fully. Experiencing all the sensations of the joy of living in a human body just a bit more intensely.

You might wish that, for all you know now, the desire for company isn’t the leading force in life. Nor is the desire for money or power.

You might wish you didn’t try so hard, because it blurred your sight and you didn’t see all the beauty that surrounded you. You didn’t realize just how magnificent you looked, smelled and tasted.

You might wish that you’d stand still more often just to gaze at the reflection of yourself in the mirror or the bright water of a lake. Did you ever really notice that bright sparkle in your eyes? Or wasn’t it there, hurrying yourself through life?

You might wish that you could talk with your younger self, today’s younger self, and tell that it is really all going to be all right, no matter the distress you imagine yourself being in.

It’s not real, you know now.

You might wish you would have remembered that each of the days and breaths when you looked towards the sky and told yourself tomorrow things might be better.

You might wish that only this one firm belief would have been engraved in your mind, for you know now it was always there in your soul: you are all you really need.

All the love you have ever been looking for is already present right inside you. All these people you longed and looked for reminded you. Showed you another glimpse of your own beauty. And therefore could never be lost and never needed chasing after.

All you need is right here, right now. Breathe, take a step backwards and look at yourself. What would the grey and old version of you want to share with you today?

Prayer to the Young One

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