(Poem#6) Shattered Dreams

The dreams I had of you

Lay shattered on the floor

I smashed them into pieces

When I finally saw clearly.


I thought I was nothing

Insecure and afraid

I believed you were perfect

The flawless example for me to strive for.


I’d put you on a pedestal

A ivory tower of ‘this is who I should be’

And I couldn’t stand beside you

As I made myself small.


You didn’t make me to.

You didn’t want me to.


But now I grow stronger

Letting go of these shells that don’t fit anymore

Letting go of the filters that color my sight

Making me see

That filter that consists of projections, assumptions and fear.


You’re not perfect

It struck me damn hard.

You’re not perfect at all.


Neither am I.


And you know what?

That’s okay.


Let’s dance our perfect dance of imperfection

Playing this human experience

Let’s lead and follow

Light each other’s way.


Can you?


Can you listen to my stories

And share yours with me?

Teach me your desires

And hold the light in my shadows?


Let’s redefine who we are

You, me, us.


Dance with me amongst the splinters

Of the shattered dreams I had of you.

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