Poem #17: It’s Okay – Today

Hey love,

It’s okay – today.
While the tears wash clean your face
And your smile breaks open your heart

There’s nothing you haven’t done
Or have to do
That got you – right here.

While sometimes everything seems to crumble
Or falls apart
Again –

It’s not the end, and even if it is
It’s just the end
We all get there someday

But until then
and only then
This is the live that we create, that we choose

And it’s okay – today
and tomorrow and then again
When the sun comes up

It’s all you
and it has nothing to do with you
Life living itself and we

Swimming against or swimming along
the stream of things that happen
Did we see them coming or were we

And it’s okay – today
even if it’s not and we are distracted or distracting
Lost along the way or totally

And even then
beyond lost and beyond found
beyond all that we think we are and have to be –
It’s okay.

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