The Kinky Tantra Intensive

Do you want to:
➸ increase your communication skills in your (future) relationships?
➸ become more present, authentic and able to hold space for another person?
➸ add juice to your present and future relationships?
➸ learn what polarity means, and how it adds quality, sexy and depth to any relationship?
➸ learn some new & cool skills, whether this is using toys and tools, or how something as simple as breath can increase pleasure?
➸ spend time with an amazing group of like-minded people in a gorgeous, artistic place near nature?

This is the Kinky Tantra Intensive, a weekend of exploring Tantra and Kink in an intuitive way. You will learn how the practices of Tantra and Kink are no opposites, but complementary pathways that can increase each others depth and effect.

Please read through this document if you feel the call. After the short overview of the weekend, you will find more detailed descriptions of what this weekend is and what the different terms (like Puja, Play party, etc) mean; what the program looks like; and who is facilitating. Most of your questions will probably be answered by the end of it.

This event is LGBTQ+ positive and welcomes singles, couples, triads and other relationship constellations to join. Couples may choose to stay together if that feels the most important for them. This events welcomes both beginners and well seasoned experts in both Tantra and Kink. Some experience with workshops in intimacy (tantra, kink, cuddling, massage) is recommended.

🔥 A short overview of the weekend 🔥

This weekend is designed as a full-on deep-dive into the world of Kinky Tantra. On Friday evening we kick off with a Tantric Kinky Puja ritual. This is a warming up for the weekend where you get to taste some of the many different flavors and aspects of Kinky Tantra. This Puja can be taken as an event on its own as well, as we have some extra spaces for this one. This is the event page for the Puja on its own.

On Saturday there’s the Kinky tantra Intensive, where you will learn about polarity play, how to use your body as a juicy instrument, get to know different impact tools and learn how to use them, and learn how to set up a scene.

Sunday is a whole day Sacred Play Party with exercises to warm up and get comfortable with each other, and to check in with your boundaries and desires. Over lunch, there’s time to prepare and dress up if you desire. After that, there’s an XL Play Party until we finish the weekend softly with sharings and soup.

🔥 What will I learn this weekend? 🔥

Learning opportunities that are offered include:

– Learn what differentiates play from abuse
– Experiencing the yes, no and space in between in your body, and letting that guide you
– Awaken your Shamanic/intuitive powers to deepen your play
– Important ingredients to create a scene
– Using your body as the most sensual tool for play
– Getting basic skills and/or deepening your practice with different toys of impact (floggers, canes, paddles) though tantric practices.
– Getting imprints of interactions with different people, what they awaken and bring up in you, and what you can learn from all that

➤ Note: this is a sex-positive / red event. What does this mean?

At no point during this weekend you are required to be naked or sexual. You can participate in the full weekend while being dressed and without touching anyone. We do ask you to have some experience with sensual and/or sexual spaces, and be comfortable with nudity and sexuality in the room. We also ask you to feel comfortable expressing your boundaries.

Our color system:
White: this is an event for all levels of experience. Clothes stay on, there’s no sexuality or nudity.
Pink: this is a moderate event. partial nudity is allowed. There’s no sexual interaction during the workshop.
Red: full nudity and sexual interactions are allowed (but never mandatory).

➤ You have never been to any intimate and/or s-positive events before (when in doubt, send Wilrieke a message to check in whether this is for you).
➤ You are looking for easy sex. You won’t find it here. Likely you will be confronted with a needy/greedy attitude.
➤ You are uncomfortable with your own discomfort, triggers and/or emotional processes.
➤ You have trouble with social interactions, feel challenged by being in a group.
➤ You have unresolved trauma around sexuality, intimacy and/or group spaces that require full time one on one guidance.

🔥 What is Conscious Kink & Kinky Tantra? 🔥

Many roads lead to Rome they say. But if I can choose, I pick the one with the best view on the way. Life is not about the goal, but the journey. How that journey looks is completely up to us though.

I happen to love the Kinky and the Tantric stuff. And I love to share that juice with you.

🔥 Why Conscious Kink and Tantra? 🔥

Tantra, because it’s the path that embraces *everything* that is present *now* without judgment. It’s an ever-ongoing unfolding of the deepest surrender possible to life itself.

‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.’ Tantra inspires me to open up deeper to myself (i.e. life), zoom out of the suffering, and return to a state of flow, happiness and bliss easier every day (except, well, some days).

Conscious Kink is the path of explicit polarity. In daily love making the roles of giving vs. taking (or leading vs. following, guiding vs. surrendering) can be blurry, ending in that nobody really can focus on what is happening. Kink can support us bringing back that juicy polarity.

Consciously designed scenes are also amazing for trauma healing, embracing inner power, as well as connecting to parts of us that scare us (both as the dominant or submissive), but keep us away from fully embracing ourselves and our power as long as we don’t fully do so.

Toss a little Wheel of Consent into this mix, and we move to clear, juicy, deep interactions that will help us become better people and change the world. I really believe this.

(If you want to know more about my fascination with tantra & Conscious Kink, read this article.)

🔥 What’s a Puja Ritual? 🔥

A Puja is an ancient, Tantric, devotional ritual. In two circles, facing each other, you will meet many different people. With each person you will have an interaction, a moment, an exercise. After a while, you will start to notice how every person is a mirror, reflecting the divine back to you.

A Tantric Kink Puja offers you juice and depth. We will use breathwork, energy play, and conscious touch. Dive deeply into your heart through sacred connections, sensual delights, energetic expansion, and love. It is the ideal environment to explore passion & compassion. For both first-timers as well as experienced kinksters or tantrikas, this is a wonderful night.

This is a video of me with Monique Darling and Peter Petersen, talking about what a Puja Ritual is.

🔥 What’s a Sacred Play Party? 🔥

A Sacred Play Party is a co-created space of endless exploration based on your own desires and boundaries. Within that playground, there are endless possibilities!

Co-creation means that we start together in a circle. There are agreements (like confidentiality, respecting relationship agreements, taking care of your own wellbeing, and a few more) that we share and, if you want to stay for the rest of the night, agree to by raising your hand.

We share our mildest and wildest desires as well as our fears. There will be heart opening exercises, and reminders of how our YES, NO and MAYBE’s feel in our bodies before we smoothly transition into free play.

There’s no focus on sexuality, you don’t have to do anything. A play party simply means that, unlike in most parts of our lives, éverything is welcome – also sexuality. We will remind you that drinking a cup of tea while being a witness is as a perfect experience as doing sexy things you never did before. We will also remind you that sometimes these play parties are happenings beyond our wildest dreams, and sometimes they trigger the freak out of us, we feel stuck and excluded, not knowing what to do. This is amazing too, as now you have community and support to work with what is coming up, and break your patterns and release your trauma.

This evening has no expectations or requirements. It is a space to be expressed and celebrated, to explore! You are welcome with all that you bring and who you are – in this moment.

A few words on team integrity

You probably have heard about the #metoo movement and how it also rages through the (Dutch and international) Tantra and conscious sexuality scene.

Integrity and creating a safer space is super important to us. You, the participants, are not our personal dating pool. There are power dynamics that can be juicy, but also abusive.

Members of our Exploring Deeper team, regardless of their role (which may be assistant, co-facilitator, helper or participant) will not individually date people they meet in the workshop. They will not have any form of fluid exchange with participants.

We might support you in your exercises or provide a service during the play party (we’re always keen on helping you improve your spanking skills for example!).

If we have pre-existing partners or lovers in the workshop, we will disclose that at the opening of the workshop.

If you are curious about our Guidelines for Team Members, feel free to check out the full document.

Some practical information

This weekend takes place in a beautiful, artistic venue near the forest just outside Utrecht (NL). Utrecht is 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam. There are (cheap) flights from anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world to Schiphol (Amsterdam) or Rotterdam/The Hague Airport.

There’s plenty of free parking around the venue, and public transport easily brings you there. You will receive the exact address upon subscription.

Dates and Timing

This workshop runs from Friday September 20 until Sunday September 22, 2019.

Friday: 19.30h – 22.00h (doors open at 19.00h)
Saturday: 10.00h – 19.00h (doors open at 9.30h)
Sunday: 11.00h – 19.00h with soft ending until 20.00h (doors open at 9.30)

The workshop doesn’t include lodging. There are options nearby in Utrecht (google search ‘cheap hostels around De Bilt’). AirBnB works well too (tip: ask in the event for other participants to share a room with).


To keep tickets at affordable pricing, we ask you to bring some (vegetarian) lunch to share. If you bring a bit more than just for yourself, we will end up with a luscious, abundant lunch every day. Made or bought with love is equally fine!

We will provide tea, water and snacks throughout the weekend.

On Sunday we have a soft ending, meaning that we will provide soup and bread, and take an hour post-workshop time to integrate and get ready to go back into the real world.

What do I wear? 

Wear what makes you feel comfortable during the workshops. Bring some layers, as you might get hot. For the Play Party you can play with what you want to embody or experience: maybe a hidden part that desires some unveiling? A part you’d like to celebrate? Something that makes you feel safe to be in an exciting environment? Your pajamas? Or do as I do and bring different options, so you can choose in the moment.

Can I come for part of this weekend?

Full weekend tickets get priority, but as long as there are spots available, you have these different options:

You can come just for the Puja on Friday night. The Puja is the introduction and warming up for the weekend. If you just want to get a taste of what we’ll be doing, just this evening can suit your desires perfectly..

Where can I sign up and what does it cost?

We have three tiers of tickets, each Tier is a little more expensive than the previous. Each tier has 10 tickets only, so be quick to pay less!

There are a few budget tickets for those with limited financial resources. You decide whether this is you (we trust your honesty). If money still is a real problem and you feel you MUST come, please send me a message and we’ll figure it out ♥

You can find tickets right here! >>>

Why gendered tickets?

We want to include everyone, whatever your gender or identification is. That means there’s space for everyone, without one group getting overrepresented. Therefore there are tickets for people who identify themselves as male, female and other.

Please only buy a ticket that represents your (chosen) gender – and not any other ticket. Sold out = sold out.

Who’s Wilrieke?
She’s definitely a relationship and intimacy geek. From being a shy and insecure girl, the people she invited into her life took her on a wild ride through the realms of tantra, BDSM & Kink, non-monogamy, healing, shamanism, mindfulness, and meditation. Her horses taught her about empowered leadership and dynamics between individuals based on body language and charisma since she was a child. Now she feels like an empowered woman who is growing and unfolding every day.

She received Betty Martin’s blessings to use The Wheel of Consent in her workshops, and has followed countless trainings, workshops and retreats in everything she teaches. Wilrieke mixes this all together in her unique style of somatic experiencing (i.e. feeling in your body and using it as your personal guiding system), intuitive healing and deep empowerment using the pillars of Tantra, conscious kink, relating and shamanism.

Through her company Exploring Deeper Wilrieke hosts a wide range of workshops, retreats and individual sessions in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. She loves bringing inspiring teachers like Seani Love, Krishna Prem, Francesca Gentille, Jamie Catto, Om Rupani, Laurie Handlers, Marti Birch, Eyal Matsliah and many others from all around the world to The Netherlands. Wilrieke is also a passionate writer, writing for her own blog as well as a guest writer for e.g. Elephant Journal, Postmodern Woman and Rebel Society.

She is the founder of Knuffelworkshops Nederland & België and Cuddle Workshops International, holding teacher trainings and master classes for practitioners and facilitators.

Besides all this, she’s a mother of three daughters and she holds an MSc degree in Forest and Nature Conservation.

⚜ I have a question! ⚜

Please check out this FAQ. If your question isn’t in this list, you can send an email to Marlies, the coordinator of this event.

Q. Why is this event in English. You’re Dutch, right?
A. True, I’m as Dutch as they come. This event is in English as we welcome international participants too. If, during the event, we find out everyone speaks/understands Dutch, we’ll switch to Dutch.

Q. Do I have to be naked? Do I have to have $ex?
A. No. You also don’t have to touch people. We won’t grade you for participation. There’s no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘better’. Sitting, observing and having a cup of tea is a perfectly valid experience.

Q. Do I have to bring a partner?
A. No. Most people come on their own. You are free to bring your partner (or partners), friend, neighbor or whoever you feel like bringing.

Q. I’m gay. Can I come?
A. Of course. This evening is open to all sexual orientations and all genders. As long as interactions are between consenting adults, all is well.

Q. What does a play party look like?
A. We’ll start with an open circle, we will create a safe container for our evening with introductions and clear agreements.

After that, there will be some exercises to practice body and emotional knowledge, communication skills, speaking desires, and boundaries. From this place of co-creation and clarity, we will evolve into conscious open space for everyone. This is a sex-positive space: $exual interaction (within the guidelines of our safer $ex agreements) is welcome.

Q. Where do I sleep?
A. You make your own arrangements. You can do a shoutout in the event page on Facebook.

Q. What’s the exact location of the venue?
A. We’ll let you know after you sign up. It’s just outside of Utrecht (NL).

Q. How do I prepare and what do I bring?
A. There will be an email with Joining Instructions coming your way about 10 days before the event, with extensive information on how to prepare, what to bring, etc.

Is your question not here?

Send us a message!

🔥 May you always know how empowered and loved you are! 🔥

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