How Deep can You go Before Breakfast?

How deep can you go before breakfast?Spending some beautiful days in Copenhagen with my beloved. Coincidentally we appeared to have planned time in the same city, already before we met. A rare thing in a fresh, long-distance relationship.

Spending days together feels precious. There are many more days where we don’t see each other, have at least a country between us.

So I want to not take it for granted. Appreciate the time and savor it.

Once I made the choice to live true to my heart. Follow my passion. More recently I made the choice to share my truth, even if means facing the fear of chasing someone away.

This morning fear and sadness came up. My oldest and deepest wounds were touched while waking up in each other’s arms. “It’s okay, I’ve got you”.

And it can feel like these moments of sadness, of almost (or fully) closing off for someone or other emotional intensity take away from that precious time together.

But you know what?

It creates more intimacy.

The raw, radical honesty. Owning my fear, my boundaries, and my desires and sharing them from deep within my belly makes this connection and this day even more precious, already before breakfast.

Photo credits: Anita Wilhelm

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