Body Hair and Curves: What a Real Woman Looks Like

There are so many social conditioning around sexuality, our bodies, our looks, how we present ourselves both to others as well as to ourselves.

While shedding layers of all this, it’s so interesting how we can re-discover ourselves every day again.

Take the body hair thing. When you think about it: how weird is it that hair on a man’s body is often considered sexy (look at the whole beard hype happening at the moment), while the hair on a woman’s body is often considered groce.

I mean, WTF?

And then the whole body size thing. Women should have flat bellies and perky boobies and all that. Because that’s what a woman is supposed to look like.

Well, I don’t agree.

I consider myself a Woman. With a capital W. I’ve done my homework. Birthed three kids. Run and do yoga multiple times a week. Rarely drink and eat healthily.

I have a curvy body. I have a belly that’s present. I have hair when I don’t shave. I have some striae and my skin isn’t flawless.

*That’s* what a real woman looks like.

Because I’m a real woman and this is what I look like.

Body hair

And then I realized I had no idea at all (!) what my body looks like when I don’t shave. And I wanted to know. So I stopped shaving.

I found out all these things:

I’m not that hairy by nature.

I love my armpit hair. It makes me feel sexy and it makes the skin there super sensitive and juicy. Instead of numb and irritated.

I like my legs shaved. Because it feels so good when I’m wearing a skirt and the fabric touches my legs.

I like my pussy with hair. Not all the way everywhere (I don’t like hair between my teeth either), but enough to look like a badass grown up Queen.

I love my body. More every day. It’s the juiciest, flawed, freckled, sexy, tall package I could have asked for.

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