Hello, I’m Wilrieke.

I build bridges between the worlds of experiential human connection, science, and arts.

10+ Years of Experience

Graduated from Wageningen University & Research Centre in 2008 and succesfull international entrepreneur in the realms of human interaction since 2011. My artsy side? As a workshop facilitator I describe myself as an artist. More precisely, as a mixture of a narrator, conductor, and a magician. Besides that, dusty CD recordings of me playing the French horn on a decent level exist!

I can help you as an advisor, guest lecturer, (co-) author, sparring partner, trainer or coach in your research, performance, education, or other projects.

With my background and experiential knowledge in interpersonal connections, consent, trauma awareness, power dynamics, neuroscience, inclusivity, ecology, and sexuality, I can help you and your team build better products and services.


Guest appearances

Are you looking for someone who is not afraid to touch upon sensitive topics to give a guest lecture, a talk, write a chapter for your book, or host your event?

Research collaborations

Are you looking for someone with a scientific mind, but with tons of practical, experiential experience to take part in your research?


Would you like to know how trauma-informed your art installation is, how your performance will impact your audience, or how to incorporate sensitive topics like sex into your work safely?


Do you want to feel more secure on stage, whether that’s a performance or as a teacher?

Featured projects: