Weekends & Retreats

Besides workshops, I also facilitate, co-facilitate and organize for and with the most inspiring teachers I know. Here you find an overview of upcoming retreats:

Kinky Tantra Intensive (Incl. Puja Ritual and Play Party XL)

November 16 – 18 2018, Utrecht (NL)

A weekend of exploring Tantra and Kink in a conscious, intuitive (some might say Shamanic) way with the intention of personal growth and empowerment.

This weekend is designed as a full-on deep-dive into the world of Kinky Tantra. On Friday evening we kick off with a Tantric Kinky Puja ritual. This is a warming up for the weekend where you get to taste some of the many different flavors and aspects of Kinky Tantra. This Puja can be taken as an event on its own as well, as we have some extra spaces for this one. This is the event page for the Puja on its own.

On Saturday there’s the Kinky tantra Intensive, where you will learn about polarity play, how to use your body as a juicy instrument, get to know different impact tools and learn how to use them, and learn how to set up a scene.

Sunday is a whole day Sacred Play Party with exercises to warm up and get comfortable with each other, and to check in with your boundaries and desires. Over lunch, there’s time to prepare and dress up if you desire. After that, there’s an XL Play Party until we finish the weekend softly with sharings and soup.

Check out the detailed event description here >>>

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