Weekends & Retreats

Besides workshops, I also facilitate, co-facilitate and organize for and with the most inspiring teachers I know. Here you find an overview of upcoming retreats:


The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao with Newman Alexander (former London Faerie), 3-5 November, Utrecht (NL)

The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is coming up. Here we work with the alchemical power of ceremonial cacao to connect with our deeper erotic nature while remaining connected with our hearts – so the play remains intimate, consensual and authentic no matter how wild it gets.

The workshop unfolds through cacao-infused openings and touch-based encounters, building towards a sublime Sunday of ritualistic play without words. Supported by a sexy, evocative soundscape, together we discover the place where kink, pleasure, and transformation meet.

Embodied Intimacy Intensive with Rachel Rickards & Buster Rådvik, 2-3 December, Utrecht (NL)

Join us for this weekend intimacy intensive, offering you the extremely unique experience of mind-blowing, heart opening, playful explorations of erotic, emotional and physical intimacy. 

Embodied Intimacy provides a safe environment in which participants practice transformational processes of relating that accelerates the path towards deeply fulfilling relationships. 

The heart of the practice we will utilize is Belly2Belly, a relationally attuned dialogue and meditation practice. Body to body. Heart to heart. Pelvis to pelvis. This practice creates deep presence and embodied interactions. 

We reach these deeply embodied states through the application of the tantric tools of breath, sound, movement, and touch. Together we create a playful relational laboratory by simplifying the components of relating, intimacy and sexuality into its most basic and fundamental elements. Creating new possibilities by consciously putting the elements back together through consensual explorational interactions.

A Tantric Journey into Intimacy with Eugene Hedlund & Wilrieke Sophia , 15-17 December, Utrecht (NL)

Are you READY?

*Are you ready to move toward grace, ease and empowerment?
*Are you ready to experience and fully embody your right to be loved, to create, act and express?
*Are you prepared to be fully empowered and expressed in your clear masculine/feminine?
*Are you ready to let go of the guilt, fear, shame and limiting beliefs holding you back from living your life?

Through classic Tantric ceremonies and meditations, we will work with the tantric elemental and chakra systems. We will work on our own, with partners and in the group field. Emphasis will be on healing, empowerment and integration over strict adherence to a timeline and exercise cramming

This is a transformational weekend! If you are ready, answer the call…


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