Review: Dr. Elisabeth Sheff – The Polyamorists Next Door

Scientific research about polyamory is still limited. Research including children with polyamorous parents is even scarcer. The Polyamorists Next Door is based on a 15-year qualitative, ethnographic study of people in polyamorous relationships that came to focus increasingly on families with children. The book contains a very valuable collection of information. Dozens of people have been interviewed and their responses were used to create more general statements about polyamorous relationships. Dr. Sheff refers to many older researches, including that knowledge in her book. When I read the title and the introduction, I expected a book that would be like a written documentary, with a clear start, plot and end. The Polyamorists Next Door is built up as a PhD-thesis: it…

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Review: J.J. Roberts – Sex 3.0 A Sexual Revolution Manual

There’s a change going on in the world. People are more and more conscious about themselves, their lives and the choices they make. Our sexual relationships have evolved from the past to the present, and they will keep changing in the future. This is what J.J. Roberts writes about in his book Sex 3.0 – A Sexual Relationship Manual.. Sex 3.0 implies that there was a Sex 1.0 and a Sex 2.0 in the past. Sex 1.0 is how we related when we were living as hunter gatherers in ancient times. There was no concept of property, and according to J.J. there was no concept of a relationship in the way we know it. People didn’t form couples, but followed…

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Review: Louisa Leontiades – The Husband Swap

In ‘The Husband Swap’, Louisa Leontiades openly and honestly shares her story. She and her husband Gilles form a quad with another couple, Morten and Elena. Louisa and Gilles started out as a monogamous couple. “I was once like you” she tells us at the beginning of the book. But when she cheats on Gilles with an ex-boyfriend, it all changes. Louisa explains to Gilles that she loves him and wants to stay with him. She also realizes that Gilles would never be able to fulfill everything she wants from a partner. They discover that it’s possible to love more than one person, and decide to try to live polyamourously. Through internet they get into contact with a couple. Even…

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Review: Mystic Life – Spiritual Polyamory

Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life is a self-called “powerful, groundbreaking work, certain to challenge and stimulate members of both the “poly-curious” and polyamorous communities. Mystic Life takes you on a journey into honesty, awareness and self-exploration. You will be encouraged to explore your true beliefs about love, jealousy, sex and letting go of control.” Love of all The book starts with clearing up the differences between ‘ego’ and your true self. We are already whole. The ego is a “collection of beliefs arising from fear and the illusion of separation”. What Mystic Life means, is that we judge others’ behavior (which stems from ego) for it makes us feel better to place our own ego above another person. I believe…

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