(Poem#10) When bad news comes

When bad news comes

Can you allow yourself to feel Even if it’s just for a moment Not holding back emotions tears sound Feeling the emotions rage through you Call it pain anger sadness grief rage Or simply observe feel The body’s response to what is alive in you Can you cry and love it? Can you scream and enjoy it? Can you freak out and watch yourself doing it? Breathe this aliveness inside you It’s okay You are loved More than you might ever know It’s okay You are allowed to break down to step up Like a phenix when the dust settles down You are alive. Please follow and like us:

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(Poem#7) Life

Pure Wilrieke - Horses2

Through these mists of reflection Is it the past or future Stories that distract the soul or mere entrances for action Healing beyond the mind The body aching Longing for love is there peace to find In every connection a kiss an embrace of deep penetration Life, break me open! Reveil my sweet as well as my wild Show me the path and I’ll have the courage to take a step beyond my horizons That once were close so I couldn’t see But as they grow vast my world shows The beauty that was always surrounding me. Please follow and like us:

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(Poem#6) Shattered Dreams

Shattered dreams

The dreams I had of you Lay shattered on the floor I smashed them into pieces When I finally saw clearly.   I thought I was nothing Insecure and afraid I believed you were perfect The flawless example for me to strive for.   I’d put you on a pedestal A ivory tower of ‘this is who I should be’ And I couldn’t stand beside you As I made myself small.   You didn’t make me to. You didn’t want me to.   But now I grow stronger Letting go of these shells that don’t fit anymore Letting go of the filters that color my sight Making me see That filter that consists of projections, assumptions and fear.   You’re…

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(Poem#5) Dancing for the Dolmen

Dancing for the dolmen

Sharing my feelings with my feet in the grass Dark sky soothing emotions Of fear Of pain Of joy for feeling what’s alive in me.   The forest embracing My lonely inner child Of abandonment Of misunderstanding Of heart-opening love that’s alive in me.   When a dolmen appears In the nothingness Of clear mind Of truthful knowing Of barefoot dancing that wakes up what’s alive in me.   Answers come Questions come Of new knowing Of new forgetting Of remembering what always has been alive in me. Please follow and like us:

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(Poem#4) Only love binds us all

In the here and the nowI am you and you are meYou are my shadow, I am your lightTogether we are oneThere is no separationOnly love binds us allJust go within and feel meEver present holding you Feel the energy flow along your spine It’s me tickling you You allowing you To live and shine Radiate all that you know To share this world of beauty With all around Turning and turning Day and night Light and dark We are ever present Joined together as one It’s love that binds us all. Please follow and like us:

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(Poem #3) The Surrender to Life

What would happen if I give up the war inside me? What would happen if I give up giving names to Right and Wrong? What would happen if I give up striving for a goal that seems out of reach? What would happen if I give up to try to fulfill projections, assumptions, images, expectations that were never truly mine? What would happen if I give up the neediness to solve all questions? What would happen if I give up trying to understand it all? What would happen if I give up all that no longer serves me? What would happen if I give up the idea that everything is complicated and I need to work hard to earn valuation?…

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(Poem #2) Silence

That moment when my rattling ego soothes. That moment when my inner child feels seen. That moment when each word is only a story. That moment where everything is connected. That moment when compassion becomes more than a word. That moment when emotions don’t stick anymore. That moment when all that remains is peaceful, utter, silence. Please follow and like us:

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(Poem #1) Raw emotions

Emotions fight their way up To my throat and to my eyes Wanting to be felt Dealt With completely. I feel so sad Tears run down my face Water runs down my hair Filling the tub Warm, comforting water Surrounding me. It is me Taking responsibility To finally Be The real version Of me. There is no one to blame No finger to point No victim role to play No more. Here I am Naked Vulnerable Crying Strong. I am letting go Of projections Longings Expectations Conditionings Of what life should look like How relationships should be designed. I am letting go Of being together as one Because that Is Being dependent on someone else for my own happiness Being…

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